5 Tips for Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

5 Tips for Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home, choosing the right estate agent is probably the most important decision when it comes to your stress levels throughout the process. A good estate agent can make the process unbelievably easier, and a bad one can make buying or selling a home a process from hell.

So, how do you go about choosing an estate agent? And is there a way to avoid ending up with one who will make the process more difficult. According to Which.co.uk most people compare several factors…

Ways of comparing estate agents
  1. Multiple Valuations

As many as 65% of people compare valuations from different estate agents when it comes to selling a home. Although this does give you a better understanding of what your house is worth, it is not necessarily a guaranteed way to find the best estate agent.

Basing your decision solely on the highest value can be tempting, but in some instances an estate agent may overestimate how much your house is worth in order to get business from you. This can backfire as it may end up taking longer to sell your house and you may have to drop the price anyway.

  1. Selling fees

Selling fees can vary depending on where you live, the size of your house, market conditions and whether or not you are using a sole agent. Considering selling fees can be a good way to choose an estate agent, but don’t simply choose the agent with the lowest fees, also choose which agent you can imagine working with.

Properties they have previously sold

A surprisingly small number of people consider this, only 31%, but this can be a good show of whether the estate agent will be able to sell your home. An estate agent who has experience selling homes similar to yours will know what your potential buyers are looking for.

In order to find an estate agent this way, look for properties similar to yours online, and find out which estate agents they are being marketed through.

Compare reviews

It’s always important to get genuine, word of mouth feedback. Statistics and testimonials can only tell you so much, speaking to someone who has had a good experience with an estate agent will tell you more than what you can read online.

Achieved asking prices

Finding out whether or not an estate agent has achieved asking prices they have set in the past will give you a good idea of whether they initially over value properties. Try to find an estate agent who regularly completes sales at the property’s asking price, as they may be more likely to price your house fairly and sell it quickly.